The Grip of Addiction

addiction's gripConquering addiction is one of the hardest things a person can face in life. Addicts are a unique kind of person. Many people wrongfully judge their addictive behavior as a character flaw, when in fact, addicts are simply people with unique brain chemistry. It is true that they are engaging in harmful behavior and it is ultimately up to them to stop, but an addict’s brain is wired to be highly effective. Addictive substances and behaviors produce the same chemical as high functioning, high reward activities so they serve as a quick fix to someone who naturally craves more of this chemical. Addiction is, however, an unsustainable practice and does not serve as a good means of achieving happy brain chemicals in an ongoing way. This is why it is so critical for an addict to fully recognize their destructive behavior and bring it to an end.
One of the most difficult aspects of addiction is how widely misunderstood it is. Much of society holds addiction in contempt rather than in compassion. They hold addicts entirely responsible for their actions and do not take into account that their brains are wired incredibly differently. Therefore, when an addict is in need and is reaching out for help, people of this opinion are very likely to scoff at their requests and turn away from them. This is a tragedy because a strong support system is vital to helping a person overcome addiction. The disease of addiction statistically grows more overpowering the more isolated a person is with it. Community and support in the form of family, friends, counseling, rehabilitation and support groups is necessary to the encouragement an addict needs to change their life. For individuals who do not have these types of support systems, or even for those who do, the church is an excellent place to find loving relationships in. Not only will recovering addicts be met with love, hospitality and compassion, but they will be invited to a number of events and gatherings that will occupy their time, energy and mind.
In Canada, drug use and alcoholism are the primary addictions, and a majority of Canadians will never be connected to the treatment they need. Do not be a statistic. Instead, reach out for help by contacting a Canada alcohol rehab or Canada drug addiction treatment center today.