Acceptance for Addicts at Church

church addicts welcomeSadly, addicts are met with rejection in many places they go. Our culture, despite its growing awareness of what addiction is, can still be harshly judgmental of addicts. People stigmatize addiction and villainize it, ostracizing addicts and isolating them. Addicts need acceptance, like any human does, which is why every addict should find themselves a church family. A Christian church community will not judge an addict for their choices, but will instead offer them forgiveness, acceptance and love.

One inaccurate stereotype of church members is that they are a closed off community. This is far from the truth. One would have to visit a secluded town or search hard to find a closed off church community. The modern church community is open and available to everyone who walks through its doors. Church members come from a very mixed background, representing a great many groups and subcultures, and the average church group in modern times loves diversity. They are not going to pass judgment on someone struggling with addiction, as they have already formed relationships with struggling addicts repeatedly in the past.

Addicts who are looking for a place to belong, either because they need to separate from their traditional support system for safety’s sake or because they could simply use additional support, should find a church they like and plug in to the community. A church environment is one of the safest and most secure places to build a support system in the world. Upon entering a church community, people find forgiveness for their short comings, acceptance for who they are and love from their peers. Everyone knows that entering a new community of people is intimidating. But when the community of people takes love and acceptance very seriously, one should not be intimidated to approach them. Christian church communities are among some of the most accepting there are. The people you will meet at a Christian church come from various backgrounds and different walks of life. They are there together because they share the same loving belief system.