The Church is a Strong Support System

strong support system at churchThe Christian church is long practiced at relationship building. Even critics of the Christian church admit that it is one of the most successful community building societies in modern times. The reason for this is that the church is a relationship focused organization. The Christian belief is that God is personal and desires a relationship with us, and in following His example, we are called to form meaningful relationships with one another. Every Christian church is focused on creating community through study groups, prayer groups, social events and gatherings. One only has to immerse themselves lightly into the church community to understand how tight it is.

The foundation of Christian fellowship is its relationship focus. Christian culture, as compared to secular culture, is very feeling. On the whole, Christians are more inclined to be expressive to one another and bare their souls, so to speak, because the soul is strongly acknolwedged and celebrated in Christian beliefs. This gives relationships within the church a strong emotional connection. Christianity also preaches the value of every individual soul as God created us and loves us equally. Therefore, it is a value within the Christian church not to overlook or shun any person, but rather draw them in to be part of the group. This mentality is highly inclusive compared to other societies.

It is not uncommon to hear the phrase “church family” in reference to a church’s congregation. The idea of the church body being a type of family is not a new one. The church draws many of its relationship ideals from the example of a blood-related family. The church is also very focused on strengthening the bonds within a blood-related family. Most churches aim to offer every age group a means of forming relationships and having meaningful experiences so that every member of the family, young and old, can spend time together by attending church as a family.

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