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The importance of the church in the addict’s life

When someone is addicted, they feel the need to withdraw themselves from everybody and the reason for this is not far-fetched. The addicted lifestyle comes with stigmatization, people do not feel the need to associate with them.

Some of them have the feeling that they could get influenced by the addicted person’s lifestyle and follow suit. Others do not want to be seen with the addict because of what people would say about them. The addict senses this from a distance and also keep themselves away from other people.

The only set of people who find it impossible to stay away from the addict is the family and friends. And the reason is because they do not really have a choice.

If the addict belongs to a church, they ensure that no one is aware of their addiction problem. So, they wallow in silence hoping that one day the addiction will leave them. The church is of utmost importance to the addict in several ways, and it is essential that the addicts know this.

First off, the church is aware that addiction takes the addict far from God, so they would typically work on restoring them back to God. More so, the church helps the addict gets counseling within the body of Christ.

Usually, these counselors would be those experienced in addiction and steadfast in the faith. What the counselors do is to help the addict uncover the root cause of their addiction.

More so, they encourage the addicts in the faith. Next, the church helps the addict get enrolled in a rehab. The purpose of the rehab is for the believer to receive good treatment that helps restore them to sobriety.

The church also goes the extra mile to ensure they take turns in visiting the individual at the rehab so that they would not feel lonely. Addicts need to know that they are safe in Christ and the church is always ready to assist.  


One of the hardest situations which an individual can face in their lifetime, is recovery from addiction. Now, the last thing they should feel during the course of addiction, is staying alone.

When someone is battling addiction, one of the best things they can do for themselves, is to seek support, and one of the best places to achieve this, is in the church.

The church is one of the most profound places, with a proficient structure, which helps to kick against triggers and resist relapses. The church plays a pivotal role by providing a sound support system, and offering a way to judiciously utilize their time, by warring against addiction with prayer and sound counsel.

The counselors in a Christian treatment center, are those who work in the conventional world. So, you can expect they would proffer the same solution for addicted individuals. What makes it more interesting is, these counselors would offer the same kind of care, as they would give their conventional clients.

Professional counselors usually advisee that, it is essential to reach out to a good support system, as it is vital for fighting against addiction.

This happens because, there are times when relapses and triggers would want to weigh you down, and on your end, you will be unwilling to put away the lessons which you have learnt at your addiction treatment center.

Hence, this is why you need a sound support system which will inspire you at your low. The congregation of a church is usually called a family, because of the level of closeness and care which is exhibited in the church. The church is an excellent support system which offers ample compassion and empathy to people who need it.

The church also provides meaningful activities which would keep the mind of an addicted individual occupied, so that they would rarely remember their addiction.

To wrap it up, addicted individuals should not undermine the place of prayer in defeating addiction. Praying on a regular basis, helps to subject your addiction to a higher power, and you would be surprised at the level of progress you would have made in a short time.